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Safe Driving Course Discount


Safety driving courses for teens and drivers over age 55 can help you:


  • Enhance your driving skills

  • Boost your knowledge of the rules of the road

  • Reduce your traffic violations, auto crashes and chances for injuries

  • Drive safely

  • Qualify for auto insurance discounts



Safety Programs and Discounts for Young Drivers




Driver Training Discount – Drivers under age 21 who have completed accredited driver training courses

may be eligible to receive this discount.



Safety Courses and Discounts for Mature Drivers


Accident Prevention Course Discount – In Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia, a discount may be applied to your auto insurance policy when the principal driver age 55 or older has voluntarily and successfully completed an approved driver accident prevention course by these agencies:





PENNSYLVANIA:   Department of Transportation’s

Mature Driver Improvement Course



Check local offices for availability





Safe 2 Drive




Seniors for Safe Driving




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